ashotyani pahvacqy

We noticed that there was a very important change that overpowered the regime and the systemic corruption that was typical of the former government. “Where was this diagnostic made during the last 9 months?” Asked Armen Ashotyan. “Of course there were corrupt practices, and there are still today.” We mentioned the assessment in the annual report of Human Rights Watch that after Pashinyan’s resignation, Pashinyan inherited a country that has plagued many violations of human rights and corruption. Armen Ashotyan insisted: “Systematic anti-corruption remarks are rhetoric, criticism of corruption is appropriate, and today’s criticism is appropriate.” RPA Vice President said: “People are annoyed and amazed by the fact that Nikol Pashinyan’s and his surroundings were dressed, and the quality of life changed after the change of government was noticeable and sharp.” The counterattack or the people now hoping that their quality of life will change, he responded: “The hope is already fading. The hope came on April 23, yes. ” According to Armen Ashotyan, “It is not enough that there is no social-economic development in Armenia, there is a tendency for stagnation when all the rates of economic growth slow down.” Also praised the activities of the new parliament. “I looked at 5-day sessions and I’m sure the Armenian people will pay for this National Assembly. Not just the word, more than 27 MPs from the state budget, 2 additional standing committees, 27 additional assistants, but also from the political point of view. ” As regards the overwhelming number of MPs, we noticed that “My Step” was occupied by the extent to which it had won, which did not legally contest any party, including the RPA. In reply, Mr. Ashotyan assured that not only the “state will pay for this NA” will be “prophetic”, but also this one. “After another regime change in Armenia, many stories about how these elections were held and the balloon that would have been unprecedented were the best choices in the world.” Assuming that talking about paying for a new parliament, our interlocutor meant the inexperience of a large number of electors, quoted former Deputy Prime Minister for Anti-Corruption, and now a member of the “My Step” faction, Arman Mkrtchyan. “There is no attempt to appear in the NA with corruption mechanisms, attempts to mislead 900,000 people, attempting to emigrate to 374,000, and attempting to bring 30% of socially active people to unemployment. That is, the experience is not always positive. ” In response, Armen Ashotyan said: “Even the propagandists of the current government do not even think of intellectually” crosties “and are exclusively primitive within the framework of propagandistic clichés.” He also noticed: “Inexperience is not a great sin. All of us at one point were inexperienced. A bigger issue is when people do not want to learn because they are proud. ” Armen Ashotyan objected to the observation that for the first time in Armenia there was a ruling party who liked most of the women wearing t-shirts with whom they were not forced to meet. “I do not agree: I remember that in 1989-91, a lot more people liked Levon Ter-Petrosyan. Maybe there was no Facebook for that time, but it was a precedent of love and worship … But what happened after that was tragic and for the political culture of our country and for Levon Ter-Petrosyan : I’m sorry to say that. As a southern European nation, of course, we must remain emotionally and directly. But we must also understand that the state will not be built on emotions. The state has no vision of the future if it lives only with the heart and not by the brain. And therefore, the figure whose share is more shared, more like or wearing a “shirt” in its image is more “star” than a political leader. ” After the meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers, Armen Ashotyan demanded a public response from the Armenian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister on some details of the negotiation process. In this regard, we noticed that after each meeting Nikol Pashinyan told about live broadcast what they had discussed; Meanwhile, in the past years, the circle of people who were in the negotiating process was extremely narrow. In response to the question, why did not it happen at that time? RPA Vice President replied: “I listened to the question and wondered how long he was sitting in” deep down “when he was sitting in the hall. We have no problem, we talked about Serzh Sargsyan during Nikol Pashinyan’s time, moreover. ” But he added: “The first axiom. The negotiation process is not a reality show; it should not be broadcast at 7/24 in the petrol station … And if the country’s president treats it as a regular live broadcast, it’s already bad. The second axiom is, of course, the public

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