miayn teseq

Intermediate structures sometimes report in their reports that Armenia is considered one of the safest countries where citizens can safely walk through the streets, while there are some fugitives who can show disrespect for the public day by day and the police are required to detect such shortcuts in a short time and isolated from society so that such “weeds do not grow”. SHAMSHYAN.com presents an exclusive video of how a group of jumps from Opel’s Opel ZL 140 on Nairi Zaryan Street-Azatutyan Avenue on 17 January attacked a Mercedes-Benz 34 S F 304 a car that was hit by a lion, and then one of the young lion who was eating a lactose shot with a pistol in his hand in the direction of leaving Mercedes. SHAMSHYAN.com is convinced that the Police of the Republic of Armenia, the Yerevan Police will react promptly to the publication and will find such frauds and they will be held accountable for the severity of the law, otherwise the society will react appropriately when it says, “It turns out that nothing has changed, is left. ” Notification. Suspected or accused of a alleged offense is considered innocent until his guilt is not proven in the manner prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia by a court verdict entered into force. © shamshyan.com https://shamshyan.com/hy/article/2019/01/18/1115262/

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