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The RA Criminal Investigative Committee’s Investigative Department’s Office of the Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative Districts filed a criminal case on the case of abuses detected in the kindergarten. The director of the kindergarten was arrested. The Department for Combating Corruption and Economic Activities of the RA Police Police Department received information that the director of the “Laptererik” kindergarten in Yerevan, From May to 2018 During the period from June to June, he employed his acquaintances and close friends who were not actually employed in different positions, and the salaries of 3,711,256 drams were borrowed. In the case of the incident, the Department of Combating Corruption and Economic Activities of the Police of the Republic of Armenia, A criminal case was initiated on November 3, 2007, under Article 179 (1) (3) of the RA Criminal Code. On November 12, the RA Criminal Investigative Committee’s Investigative Committee’s (ECHR) Erebuni and Nubarashen District Investigative Department proceedings were admitted. According to the preliminary investigation, with the intention of stealing community funds, using their official position, the director of the kindergarten, in order to award his / her relatives and acquaintances to 9 persons, different kindergartens’ staff, and personally did not work by them, personally received the monthly cash in the form of large amounts of money and plunder them. According to the preliminary examination, the director of the kindergarten, using his official position, From the beginning of 2019 on January 17, 2007, he had apparently embezzled some part of the value-added food that was part of the children’s nursery school, who was entrusted to him, as well as seized by the method of embezzlement in the kindergarten, which was transferred to the name of the actual non-working people, particularly large, 13,357,941 sum. As a result of large-scale investigative and procedural actions, other criminal acts have also been found. Particularly, the preliminary investigation also revealed that the kindergarten director had apparently embezzled not only large amounts of money, but also a part of the kindergarten provided for the children, starting from 2014. According to the investigation, the director of the kindergarten, having been holding the position of the director of a kindergarten of “Laptererik” non-profit organization since 2001, using his official position, came to a preliminary agreement with a group of people for a long time. From the beginning of 2019 during the period from January 17 to 17, he seized the foodstuffs allotted to him by the kindergarten students. The principal, in order to keep the workplace, has asked the kindergarten cook to separate certain doses intended for the preparation of the dishes included in the menu for feeding the kindergarten and to allocate the food to be released daily from the warehouse. The cook, motivated by fear of not losing his job, made the request of the kindergarten director. Every day, depending on the menu, has separated foodstuffs, cooking dishes for children, with incomplete ingredients, and transferring the foodstuff to the director’s office personally or through his assistant. According to preliminary data, the food stuffs collected in the office were regularly transferred to the kindergarten and stolen by the director. 2019 On January 17, as a result of a search conducted in accordance with the law, he was found and seized from the office of the kindergarten director in 2019. The foodstuff separated by the chef during January 15-17. 2019 On January 21, the director of the kindergarten was arrested on suspicion of committing a crime under Part 1, Part 3, Article 179 of the RA Criminal Code. The preliminary investigation is ongoing. Necessary investigative actions are being taken to ensure comprehensive investigation of all the circumstances of the case. We will inform you about the procedural decisions made on the results of the examination.

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